Dress & Appearance for Students

Students who are dressed appropriately may participate in all school functions. Please use modesty and common sense when dressing your child.  The principal has final determination of appropriateness of all clothing.  If a student’s dress is deemed inappropriate, the student will be expected to change.  If appropriate clothing is not available at school, parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing to school.  Multiple infractions may require a parent-principal conference.  All clothing items need to be purchased from Lands’ End Uniform Catalog or Wal-Mart’s George Uniform Collection, unless otherwise noted.  Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are allowed to wear those uniforms on meeting days.


Kindergarten-eighth grades

  1. Clothes must be clean and neat.
  2. Khaki pants/shorts/skirts/skorts/capris:
    1. All items must be worn at waist level during the school day.
    2. Any uniform brand is acceptable
    3. No cut-offs or pants with frayed bottoms are to be worn to school
    4. Skirts and shorts must be an appropriate length (past finger tips when arms are at sides)
  3. Mesh or interlock polos
    1. Color selection: black, white, and cobalt( Royal) blue ( No Navy blue)
    2. May be purchased from Lands’ End Uniform Catalog, George’s Collection at Wal-Mart, or through St. Mary School Athletic Assoc., or uniform exchange program
  4. Knit shirts/Turtlenecks
    1. Plain white or black short sleeved or long sleeved t-shirts shirts may be worn under other collared, uniform apparel.  Any brand is acceptable.
    2. Plain white or black turtlenecks may be worn during colder months.  Any brand is acceptable.
  5. Sweaters/Sweatshirts
    1. St. Mary apparel sweatshirts are allowed; gray
    2. Microfleece ½ zip pullover in admiral blue or black from Lands’ End or from Athletic Assoc.
    3. Plain black or white cardigan (button up) sweaters may be worn
    4. No Hoodies on Mass days
  6. Oxfords/blouses
    1. Color selection: white
    2. Plain long sleeved oxfords from Lands’ End for boys
  7. Socks/Tights/Leggings
    1. Any colored socks tights or leggings may be worn as long as they are not a distraction
  8. Shoes
    1. Must have a closed-back or back strap across the heels
    2. No heels over 1 ½”
    3. Gym shoes are required for participation in gym
  9. Accessories
    1. Make-up, hair accessories, hairstyles, earrings and jewelry must be modest and safe to wear in an environment of crowded halls and gym class activities.
    2. Sunglasses, coats, windbreakers, jackets, caps, hats, and bandanas may not be worn indoors.
    3. Visible body piercing other than ears are not allowed
    4. Visible body tattoos are not allowed
  10. Casual days
    1. On casual dress days students may where casual clothes with the following exceptions
  1. Athletic shorts and sweatpants may not be worn (except on Spirit days)
  2. Yoga and stretch pant may not be worn without shorts, skirts, or a top that comes down past fingertips when arms are at your side.
  • No offensive or inappropriate messages on t-shirts.
  1. PLEASE use common sense when dressing for school in the morning



Pre-K 3 and P4J  do not have to follow the dress code.