Southern Wisconsin Catholic Grade School Athletic League Philosophy

The Southern Wisconsin Catholic Grade School League (SWCGSL) athletic program is designed to promote sound physical, psychological, and social development of the athletes in an atmosphere of Christian values:

  1. Physically – by teaching sport skills, physical conditioning, and good health habits.
  2. Psychologically – by teaching discipline, dedication, leadership, and self-control: by nurturing self-esteem.
  3. Socially – by teaching cooperation and competition tempered by good sportsmanship.

It is our belief that you, as an athlete, must understand that your first and foremost responsibility lies in your academic success. Your participation in athletics should be a PART of the total education experience you receive at your school. Becoming involved in the Athletic program at your school should be considered a privilege, extended to students/parents who are willing to accept certain responsibilities.

We ask that parents, coaches and athletes read this Handbook and sign all forms attached. In signing these forms, you will be expected to follow all procedures and standards set forth in the following pages. Any infraction of these rules may result in the athlete’s removal from athletic involvement at your home school.

Athletic Activities Available To Southern Wisconsin Catholic Grade School League Students

  • Cross Country Grades 4-8 Fall
  • Volleyball Grades 5-8 Fall
  • Basketball Grades 5-8 (grade 4 if needed) Winter
  • Basketball Grade 4 Fall
  • Track Grades 4-8 Spring

Participants in the Southern Wisconsin Catholic Grade School League consists of the following parochial schools:

  • Our Lady of the Assumption, Beloit
  • St. John Vianney, Janesville
  • St. Joseph, Fort Atkinson (joined league in 2014-15; pre-existing condition that religious
  • education students be able to participate).
  • St. Mary, Janesville
  • St. Patrick, Janesville
  • St. William, Janesville